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Ivermectin in Oklahoma [Video]

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Ivermectin in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Physicians Are Not Prohibited From Prescribing Off-Label Medicines to Fight COVID-19
The Attorney General’s office finds no legal basis for a state medical licensure board to discipline a licensed physician for exercising sound judgement
and safely prescribing an FDA-approved drug – like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine – for the off-label purpose of treating a patient with COVID-19
Attorney General John O’Connor
I stand behind doctors who believe it is in their patients’ best interests to receive ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine
Our healthcare professionals should have every tool available to combat COVID-19.
Public safety demands this.
Physicians who prescribe medications and follow the law should not fear disciplinary action for prescribing such drugs
The Attorney General’s office neither condones nor condemns a specific course of treatment for COVID-19.
Our office maintains that proper healthcare decisions are to be made between a patient and his or her physician,
and the government should not interfere with their relationship.
FDA position unchanged

Zita Taylor, RN for 30 years

My son turned 12 on 3rd February and is now eligible for his first covid vaccine.

After some consideration, I decided to take him to a large vaccination centre in Manchester yesterday.

We checked in, passed the screening questions & then I asked if the needle could be aspirated before the injection was given.

The response I got was shocking.

I was told very rudely ‘no’ nurse and then the clinical lead,

you don’t need to

you’ll put air in & that’s bad

it’s not recommended

something bad might happen

I was trained to always aspirate an intramuscular injection to ensure the drug was injected into muscle.

Financial Planning For Doctors

The Home Doctor & Practical Medicine for Every Household [Video]

Official Web site: Home Doctor - Practical Medicine for Every Household - is a 304 page doctor written and approved guide on how to manage most health situations when help is not on the way.If you want to see what happens when things go south, all you have to do is look at Venezuela: no electricity, no running water, no law, no antibiotics, no painkillers, no anesthetics, no insulin or other important things.But if you want to find out how you can still manage in a situation like this, you must also look to Venezuela and learn the ingenious ways they developed to cope.The Home Doctor,Practical Medicine for Every Household,The home doctor reviews,The home doctor book,the home doctor system,Dr. Maybell Nieves

Financial Planning For Doctors

Is There a Doctor in the House? The Role of Immigrant Physicians in the U.S. Healthcare System [Video]

| Is There a Doctor in the House? The Role of Immigrant Physicians in the U.S. Healthcare System | Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship | EVENT ID 114411 |TWITTER: sign up for updates from our committee below:

Financial Planning For Doctors

Heal Soreness Faster [Video]

Here's a quick tip to heal muscle soreness faster that I've used for years! It seems obvious to some, but others take their sleep as time to "stretch" and "even out their posture" when our muscles will heal much better if we keep them relaxed while resting.Hope this helps!Legal Notice: Consult your doctor before beginning any kind of exercise program. This video does not replace a physical therapy program or consultation with a medical professional.#hybridcalisthenics #shorts #DOMS #soreness #stretching #relaxation #lifehack---Free Fitness Routine: Join our Discord community! All Other Links: