Is Cardano Mining Possible? Investors are Wondering Capital Sources [Video]

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Featured image by Ruben Hanssen on Unsplash

A large number of people are discovering and beginning to buy Cardano. Many of these investors are wondering about Cardano mining. It is a young cryptocurrency, after all, and investors are curious to know if Cardano is mineable or not. This article looks into whether Cardano mining is even possible and how this currency works.

How Do Cardano Transactions Work?

Cardano transactions work differently from those of other cryptocurrencies. The main difference is in the choice of mechanism for transactions or creating a blockchain. This is also known as hashing. Instead of relying on Proof of Work (Pow) a function of cryptocurrency mining, Cardano works on a Proof of Stake mechanism. You’ll read more about the mechanisms of operation further on in this post.

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