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Introduction to Life Insurance in 2022 – Howard Kaye President of Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, LLC [Video]

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Introduction to Life Insurance in 2022 – Howard Kaye President of Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, LLC

In the Introduction to Life Insurance you will learn the basics of life insurance as well as life changing life insurance strategies you can be using to build, preserve and distribute more wealth.

Despite the incredible versatility and tax efficiency that life insurance offers, many of us still view it primarily as a tool to replace income or to settle final expenses. But maybe the greatest benefit of life insurance is that it allows you to leverage your dollars and leave the most money possible to your family and charity. When you start to view life insurance in this light, its incredible benefits become clear.

We believe that life insurance can offer so much more than income replacement—it can actually change the way you plan your estate and help you maximize your legacy. Life insurance is the most flexible and efficient tool out there because it offers you a guaranteed, tax-free dollar amount of return. That’s why it belongs in every truly diversified portfolio as an investment alternative. It can:

Reduce your exposure to the estate tax: With a current top rate of 40%, the estate tax can take a nasty bite out of your lifetime savings. A life insurance policy can remove assets from your estate to reduce your tax exposure. Then the proceeds from that policy pass tax-free to your heirs, creating a greater legacy than you ever thought possible.

Create estate liquidity: Why should your kids have to liquidate a real estate portfolio or an operating business to settle your estate? A life insurance policy creates a tax-free, lump sum of cash that can be used to buy time and options after your death.

Leverage the value of your retirement accounts: Life insurance can do wonders for your IRA. Do you want to avoid losing the majority of your IRA to income and estate taxes upon your death? Do you want to leverage the value of your account for future generations or the charities that you support? Life insurance can do that.

Protect those who rely on your income: Life insurance can eliminate financial stress and make sure money is available for all of your family’s long-term needs after your death.
No other vehicle offers you comparable stability and predictability. If you are interested in creating a secure and lasting legacy, let us show you how life insurance can achieve those goals.

When you start to view life insurance very simply as future money, the game changes. The question then becomes: “How much money do you want to buy?” The leverage associated with our insurance strategies will help you create greater long-term wealth rather than just solving that emergency income need.

Other wealth-building strategies we can teach you about include:

Giving away your estate twice
Treating life insurance as an investment alternative
Optimizing your Social Security income for your family or to benefit charity
Gifting into perpetuity, charitable gift annuities, foundations, and trusts
Reviewing and understanding your present life insurance policy
Life expectancy insurance
Life settlements and the secondary market for life insurance
Creating your own inheritance using the “401 Kaye” plan
Tax-free retirement income through life insurance
Guaranteed lifetime income and annuities/retirement planning
Discounting your estate tax costs up to 90%
Maximizing your IRA, 401(k), and annuities
Tax-Free Retirement Income Through Life Insurance

Keep watching other videos from the Howard Kaye Insurance Agency Life Insurance Education Series to continue learning about each of these strategies and how exactly they work.

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