Intelligence agencies: UFOs are real but origins a mystery [Video]

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A U.S. intelligence assessment released to Congress on Friday confirmed that military pilots over the years had observed, and in some cases recorded, more than 100 instances of high-speed craft whose origin could not be traced or identified.

The nine-page report, titled a preliminary assessment, is the first official U.S. government recognition of the sightings of unidentified flying objects after decades of speculation and fascination among believers of UFOs and ridicule by others who dismissed the notion of alien spacecraft visiting Earth.

The highly anticipated report said its findings were drawn from 144 reports stemming from multiple U.S. government sources.

Of those, 80 observations were drawn using multiple sensors, the report said. The assessment could neither explain the origins of the flying objects nor eliminate the possibility that the craft were of alien origin.

While multiple explanations were possible, including airborne clutter and atmospheric phenomena, the report said it was …