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Infinite Banking vs Stock Market Returns [Video]

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Infinite Banking vs Stock Market Returns

Many people wonder how infinite banking cash value returns measure up to historic stock market returns and this webinar offers some shocking insight by the numbers. You can find more on this topic here:

It is important at the outset to point out that whole life insurance is an uncorrelated asset, meaning its performance has nothing to do with the stock market. See

Many financial entertainers will tell you that you can earn up to 12% returns in the stock market. Now, that number has been shown to be unreachable. But beyond that, most financial gurus will promote a high stock market return, when in reality the actual return is much lower, more like 5% (maybe less with taxes and fees). See

Too often we hear the phrase, “buy term and invest the difference,” but the truth is, this is based on inflated returns and often never executed. Maybe we should switch our paradigm and start seeing whole life as the asset that it is and realize that you can use whole life as a bridge to other investments through the practice of infinite banking. See

A properly designed whole life insurance policy used to practice infinite banking can give you a 5% net return, plus even more if you factor in that there are no taxes due on the growth. If you die prematurely, your death benefit provides a much greater return. And the best part is there is no volatility, no stock market up and downs. See example which begins at the 7:30 mark.

From there we go to the Truth Concepts calculator illustration at the 11:40 mark. This provides a visual to see the power of infinite banking in conjunction with a properly designed whole life policy.

At the 25:00 mark we see a 20 year average of the S&P 500, which is not 12%, but rather 5.6%. However, the sequence of returns is actually 4.7%. Contrast this with the 5% net return with cash value whole life insurance.

And none of this takes into account how much your policy and net worth will grow when using your whole life insurance to practice infinite banking. See

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Create your dream home with Structural Hawaii [Video]

Structural Hawaii, Inc. is a family-owned business that was started by Jeoffrey and Cheryl Cudiamat in 2004. The company prides itself on being a full service residential design and engineering company, serving as a one-stop shop to ensure the job gets done right from beginning to end.Sponsored by Structural Hawaii, Inc.Structural Hawaii provides conceptual design, structural and civil engineering analysis, permit processing, and site observations and inspections during construction. The team oversees the project from the beginning during the design process through its completion during construction.We have a team of experienced residential home designers as well as structural and civil engineers on staff, says CEO Jeoffrey Cudiamat. We have an in-house permit processor that routes and tracks plans through the permit process to expedite approvals with various agency from the City and State. In addition, as certified inspectors, we are able to provide inspections and reports during construction to ensure plans are being adhered to per code.Structural Hawaii has been doing residential designs in Hawaii for over 16 years. Today, it uses a state-of-the-art 3D scanning machine to get accurate field measurements with precision to the nearest milometer. These can produce precise drawings that can potentially reduce construction problems that result from inaccurate field measurements taken at the beginning of the project.When homeowners come to Structural Hawaii, we know that they come to us with a dream of building a home not a house, Cudiamat says. Designing and engineering a home comes with a lot of responsibility.You can rest assured knowing that Structural Hawaii has experience with local codes and understanding local living styles, which is sure to make the planning process easier for owners. As a Third Party Review company, Structural Hawaii can review building plans on behalf of the City, so the company has to be knowledgeable of what will pass approval by the permitting department.Having worked on very large extravagant homes as well as many modest and simple additions or renovations, Structural Hawaii is sure to help homeowners with this new journey every step of the way from beginning to end.For more information: