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Inexpensive Life Insurance Companies for 2022 – Auto Insurance [Video]

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Inexpensive Life Insurance Companies for 2022 – Auto Insurance

As a small company proprietor, you might give the highest priority for your business’s physical assets—such as your equipment, stock and any structures you own. However, much less concrete assets—your intellectual property—can also be extremely important for a small company. Your business name, motto and logo—anything that differentiates your business’s products or solutions from others in an industrial setting—are all qualified for hallmark protection.

Signing up a hallmark has numerous benefits for your business and can prevent rivals from using your business possessions. However, hallmark enrollment can also be complicated and expensive. Here, we will explain the main stages of the process and the costs associated with each so you will understand exactly how a lot it costs to hallmark a company name. We will also determine ways to conserve money on hallmark enrollment.
Summary of hallmark enrollment

A hallmark is a name, expression, logo design, or symbol that differentiates the products or solutions of one company from those of another in business. A hallmark is various from copyrights and licenses, which protect various other kinds of intellectual property possessions. Business name McDonald’s® is an instance of a hallmark, therefore is the company’s advertising motto, “I’m lovin’ it.”

In the U.S., there are 2 degrees of hallmark registration—state and government. Trademarking your business name at the specify degree is fairly simple and affordable, but offers just limited lawful protection. On the various other hand, signing up your hallmark with the U.S. License and Hallmark Workplace (USPTO) is more complicated and expensive but offers a lot more lawful protection.

By signing up your hallmark federally, you can prevent anybody else from using it across the country. You also make the right to publish ® beside your trademarked possessions, placing everybody on notice that you have lawful rights to the hallmark.
How a lot does it cost to hallmark a name?

The basic cost to hallmark a company name ranges from $225 to $600 each hallmark course. This is the cost to send your hallmark application to the USPTO. The easiest and the very least expensive way to sign up your hallmark is online, through the USPTO’s Hallmark Digital Application System (TEAS). Remember that you could just sign up one hallmark each application.

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Buy-Sell Agreement with Life Insurance [Video]

Have you thought about how your business will handle the death of an owner? From modest family operations to multi-billion dollar corporations, the death of an owner can seriously cripple a business. A buy-sell agreement allows for a smoother transition in ownership to the surviving owners. Life insurance is a cost-efficient and relatively simple way to fund a buy-sell agreement. Funding through life insurance is potentially guaranteed and is also generally tax free. Both a cross-purchase agreement and an entity purchase agreement can use life insurance to purchase a deceased owners share of the business. Talk to your financial professional about protecting the life of your business with a buy-sell agreement funded with a North American life insurance policy. Find out more about North American life insurance today: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:

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Talent Matters Webinar Series | Succession Planning for Business Owners with SBDC [Video]

Nationwide talent shortages are at a 10-year high, with no immediate end in sight and no one-size-fits-all solution. To challenge businesses and organizations to think creatively about the way they develop, attract and retain talent, Flint & Genesee Group is kicking off a new webinar series starting January 25. Join us each month as we bring together workforce experts to discuss the changing workforce landscape and its pressing issues. During this month's webinar, we'll focus on succession planning for business owners. Thinking About Selling Your Business or Retiring? Start Here!

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Talc plaintiffs lawyers allege J&J put lawsuits in bankruptcy to protect brand [Video]

Lawyers for cancer victims accused Johnson & Johnson of pushing roughly 38,000 talc lawsuits into chapter 11 to stem damage to its corporate brand and gain unfair leverage, as a trial concludes on a bankruptcy strategy the company has defended as fair and reasonable.

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How does an executive bonus plane with life insurance work? [Video]

Certain employees are essential to the life of a business and keeping them committed is essential. A sudden departure of a critical employee could spell a number of things for a business. One way to reward employees a business depends on, and to encourage retention, is to offer an executive bonus plan with life insurance. An executive bonus plan doesn’t have to be offered to all employees, which makes it a unique and exclusive benefit. Using life insurance, the employee receives death benefit protection in their working years and a potential supplement to retirement income later on.Is an executive bonus a benefit offering that would work for you or your business? Talk to your financial professional today to see if a North American life insurance policy would be the right fit.Find out more about North American life insurance today: https://www.northamericancompany.comFacebook: