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Indexed Universal Life Review – Transamerica Financial Freedom Design [Video]

Indexed Universal Life Review – Transamerica Financial Freedom Design

This Takedown Thursday explores a bad Indexed Universal Life insurance design from Transamerica. Keep in mind these policies all have their own sweet spot. Some IUL policies have low fees and high early cash. Other indexed Universal Life focus on long term care or early access riders. The purpose of this series is to expose bad designs, not bad products.

Indexed Universal Life insurance can be a great addition to your portfolio for tax efficient cash growth that is not correlated to market losses! However, the devil is in the details!!!

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We have dozens of people reach out to us every week sending us policies that were supposedly designed for MAX cash growth, but are nothing short of a rip-off.

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These videos will teach you how to sniff out non-fiduciary agents, and know exactly what to look for when it comes to buying Cash Value Life Insurance for income tax free growth and income.

The difference between good and bad policy designs can save you or cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

If you are not working with a fiduciary, then there are no rules as to what they can tell you and sell you!

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