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How to Supercharge your Health Savings Account [Video]

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How to Supercharge your Health Savings Account

In this video I will share with you how to supercharge your Health Savings Account or HSA.

If you have an HSA you can just use it as a cash fund to pay your medical bills or you can invest the funds and let it sit for a while to grow the amount you have and end up with significant gains which can come out tax free for qualified medical expenses. For example if you put $1,000 into an HSA and then you pay a $1,000 medical bill you got the initial tax savings. What if instead you invested it in the S&P500 which goes up 10% for the year and now you have $1,100. You can go back later and pay that $1,000 bill and leave the extra $100 for a future medical bill. You have all the time you want to pay medical bills using the HSA, you can even come back for the reimbursement years later.

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