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How to SAVE Yourself If You Have an IUL Policy [Video]

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How to SAVE Yourself If You Have an IUL Policy

This is how you can save yourself if you have an Indexed Univeral Life (IUL) Policy! Do you have an IUL Policy that is 8-10 years old? You are going to love this video!

Chris Kirkpatrick highlights today’s market risks but shares what you can do about all of this uncertainty. We need to much as much money into guaranteed options as possible so that we can leverage liquidity! You want access to capital to take advantage of down markets.

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0:00 Do you have an IUL Policy that is 8-10 years old?
1:53 Market Risks And What You Can do About It
3:16 A Banking Alternative & Tax Benefits
4:57 Liquidity & Certainty Example
6:58 How IUL Policies Can Be Manipulated
12:43 The Banking Crisis


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Chris Kirkpatrick launched LIFE180 as a solution to a problem. As the director of business development for a Fortune 1000 life insurance / broker dealer, he became disenchanted with the financial industry because of the lack of education provided to clients and how “financial advisors” were really just glorified sales people.

So… LIFE180 was launched to help give relevant financial education for people to create wealth. Along the journey, LIFE180 has evolved. Chris quickly realized he was passionate about not just helping entrepreneurs on how to leverage their money, but how to build their businesses.

Over the past 5 years, Chris has spent thousands of hours mastering the art of online business development for himself and clients. In 2020, LIFE180 morphed into a full service online business launch and development agency. If you need any help creating more revenue or generating more leads online, LIFE180 can help.


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*All content in this video is for educational purposes only and is not to be interpreted as personal financial advice.

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