How To Create Tax Free Income With Your Real Estate [Video]

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How To Create Tax Free Income With Your Real Estate

In this video let’s chat about how to create TAX FREE income with your rental real estate! And no it has nothing to do with deprecation! Follow along and let’s get into it

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Michael Burry’s New WARNING | MARKET CRASH, Inflation, Shorting Stocks [Video]

Sign up for Titan, the premier investment firm that manages over $600M for 30,000+ clients, and get 3 months free: #titanpartnerLet’s go in-depth into Michael Burry’s latest insights into inflation, a stock market crash & shorting stocks…__________________________________Michael Burry we all know he’s the genius that predicted the 2008 financial crisis, he shorted stocks and made an absolute tonne of money. Now fast forward 13 years since that crisis, and Burry has started to become very vocal on what’s been going on the stock market. If we look at his twitter account, he’s been warning about Inflation, he’s warning about market crashes and he’s given advice on shorting stocks and where he see’s opportunity in today’s market. Now the interesting thing is that if we type in his twitter account and go to it, we see that every one of his tweets has now been deleted. I have no idea why he deletes his tweets, but it seems that the SEC has been keeping a tight leash on Burry ever since he started tweeting about Tesla, Bitcoin, robinhood and meme stocks. He recently even received a subpoena from the SEC in connection with its investigation into GameStop and that whole saga. So all Tweets from Burry are deleted and great we no longer get insight into the mind that predicted the 2008 financial crisis. Well that would be the case, except one, smart, savvy person, created a twitter account called Michael Burry archive. This account collects and stores every tweet from Michael Burry and means they never get fully deleted. And this is important because Burry is someone who’s not afraid to share his mind. He’s not afraid to be politically incorrect. He’ll tell you exactly what he thinks when it comes to the important topics…Ok, let’s see what he’s tweeted. “The great inflation fear is returning. The inflation fear is gaining traction in the various corners of the market, putting a serious dent, in the feds assurances that it is transitory. Global angst among businesses about inflation is mounting as raw material costs rise, increasing pressure on them to raise consumer prices. The 10 year treasury yield has broken through a key resistance. Leaving more room to climb, while inflows into inflation protected ETF Funds accelerated this year. Strong relationship between inflation and commodities suggest more upside for raw material prices ahead”. Ok, there’s a couple of parts of this tweet that we need to break down, but let’s be clear about this, Michael Burry is warning about strong inflation ahead. The Fed says it’s transitory, don’t worry too much about it, Burry says it’s here to stay. Let me show you his thinking…Ok the first part was the cost of raw materials. With this fun pandemic that we’ve all had to go through, some of the people who suffered the most were the exporters and importers.If we look at the price of raw materials the index shows us that they increased by nearly 18% compared to the previous year. This was led by the raw material cotton which went from a $1 in April 2020 to $1.87 a year later. Rubber a similar story $1.05 in April 2020 to $1.66 in 2021 just over a year later…So Raw materials prices have shot up. Now what is the follow on effect from this. Businesses they don’t just accept the cost increase and decide to make a loss, no, they pass on the prices to the end consumer. This forces the price of consumer goods to go up, aka, inflation increases. That is one big contributory factor to inflation, but it’s not the only factor pushing up prices. Burry also talked about interest rates. Let’s take a look at the history between inflation and interest rates over 70 odd years. As we can see when interest rates started rising inflation started rising. We’ve seen this numerous times throughout history.So what’s currently going on with interest rates? If we look at the 10 year treasury yield, the key indicator, interest rates have been going up. As per Burry’s tweet, it’s broken through a key resistance, leaving more room to climb.So, if we go by what history tells us, the increase in interest rates is going to lead to one thing, and that’s more or at least sustained inflation going forward…Subscribe Here: ___DISCLAIMER: It's important to note that I am not a financial adviser and you should do your own research when picking stocks to invest in. This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser. * Some of the links on this webpage are affiliate links. This means at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe. This has no impact on my opinions, facts or style of video.


How to Pay Off A Mortgage Faster (The Math) [Video]

To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check outPolicygenius: Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video!This video breaks down the exact math on how to pay off a mortgage faster.Many people know what a mortgage is, but many don’t understand exactly how a mortgage is amortized.GET MY HOME AFFORDABILITY SPREADSHEET HERE UNIVERSITY - JOIN MY SCHOOL HERE TIME - Get 1 FREE STOCK ON ROBINHOOD - INVEST IN REAL ESTATE FOR ONLY $500 FINANCE - INVEST FOR FREE (Yes, Really) FREE M1 Finance Training Video FREE Stock Market For Beginners Guide A COACHING CALL WITH ME TO BUY & STORE BITCOIN BEST CREDIT CARDS TO USE RIGHT NOW OUT MY BLOG: https://whiteboardfinance.comFOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM Produced By "iAmHaywood" on IG⏰ Timestamps ⏰:0:00 - Introduction0:21 - My Home Affordability Spreadsheet3:30 - How to Use an Amortization Table6:36 - Policygenius Spot7:43 - How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early11:45 - My ThoughtsABOUT ME 👇My mission is to provide my viewers with actionable content that enables them to create financial wealth. My videos are a reflection of my real-world experience as a real estate investor, stock market investor, student of finance, and entrepreneur. This channel allows me to share my passion for personal finance, stock market investing, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship. I produce content that I would want to watch, and because of that, I give 100% effort in every video that I make. I also believe in complete transparency and open communication with my audience.Subscribe if you are interested in:#Mortgage#RealEstate#RealEstateInvestingDISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this channel are affiliate links, meaning, at NO additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe. However, this does not impact my opinion.


Crypto vs. Real Estate vs. S&P500. Which is the riskiest investment? Hedging against inflation [Video]

Is s&p 500 a good investment? Some traditional investors would argue that I'm a risky investor and that I'm even putting my family at risk by investing in innovative technologies. But if we look at the current inflation rate, even something considered a low investment risk such as the S&P 500. In this video, we'll explore the real risk in investing. #cakedefi #cryptopassiveincome #bitcoinpassiveincomeSupport our channel and work by using our affiliate links 🤝=== SUPPORT THE CHANNEL SIGNING UP ON THE BEST CRYPTO RESOURCES ===🍰Cake DeFi – Ultra High Yield on Bitcoin (60% APR) Get extra $10 DFI on sign up with first deposit of $50 or more. 👉🙌Voyager –Download the app and trade $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin. Use code 4VNKRK or this link to claim your BTC:🏦 Celsius Network –Store and Earn Interest and Passive Income on your Crypto:Join using my referral code 👉175554a663 👈 when signing up and earn $50 in BTC with your first deposit of $400 or more! #UnbankYourself 👉 💳 –Buy, Sell and Pay with Crypto (buy what’s essential and save to Invest) Use my referral link and we both $25 USD in Crypto. 👉 –Buy Cryptocurrencies SAFELY on U.S. Exchange: Signup Link - Receive $10 of FREE BITCOIN when you use this link to sign up for Coinbase and invest $100 👉💸 Fold –Get Bitcoin Rewards for shopping (buy what’s essential and save to Invest) - Sign up for the first Bitcoin rewards card and get 5,000 sats for using my referral link 👉 MY FAVORITE FINANCIAL SERVICES ===🏦 M1 Finance –Recommended for dividend investing 👉🐂 Webull –Longest trading hours and best data 👉🦠 Ladder –Get Life Insurance in 5 Minutes: 👉 THE ONLY INTERNET BROWSER I USE! ===🙌 Brave Browser 👉 👈🏎 Load pages 3x to 6x faster! 🎭 Experience unparalleled privacy and security! 💸 Earn cash by viewing private, non-invasive ads!=== TOOLS I USE TO PROTECT MY PRIVACY AND DATA ===💬Signal –private, ads-free, encrypted and open source messenger app📧Protonmail –secure, neutral, private, encrypted email based in Switzerland 🚧 DISCLAIMER 🚧 ===🚧 This channel and this video is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and the content represents just my personal opinion 🚧I am NOT an attorney, insurance agent, certified public accountant, lender, contractor, electrician, engineer, or financial advisor. The content in these videos shall not be intended as financial advice, legal, tax, insurance, construction, engineering, health & safety, electrical, or of any other kind. If you need professional advice contact the appropriate licensed professional for the matter you need help with. The content and the information in these videos may be outdated, inaccurate, wrong and it is your responsibility to verify all information and do your due diligence.The content and the information in these videos is what was found publicly on the internet and could’ve been faked, doctored, or misrepresented by the internet and it is meant for public awareness. The content and the information in these videos are not intended to slander, harm or defame any of the characters and personalities involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. If I mention stock or companies, I may have an equity interest in them. DO NOT make buying or selling decisions solely based on my videos, but perform your own due diligence and research.Linked items may be affiliate links which means I make a small commission but you don’t pay extra for it.