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How to be Robotic Without Being Dull | 7 Figure Annuity Sales Podcast | Ep. 155 [Video]

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How to be Robotic Without Being Dull | 7 Figure Annuity Sales Podcast | Ep. 155

How to be Robotic Without Being Dull

Clients want you to use a proven and professional process. That’s why it’s so important to find the problem and provide the best solution. In this episode, Chad and Caleb explain the importance of being robotic with your proven and professional process without being dull or dry.


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Looking Good! Raise for Social Security, SSDI & SSI Benefits [Video]

Looking good! Raise for Social Security, SSDI, SSI benefitsIn this video, we discuss a Raise that is on the table for fixed income like Social Security retirement, Social Security disability, SSDI, SSI benefits. This is a good raise that is coming for all of these beneficiaries as everybody knows, a Monthly and Benefit Raise is very much needed during this time. This is an annual raise that is for all of these beneficiaries to adjust for the cost of living. A new preliminary number it was released by the senior citizens league announcing a potential 6.2% raise for Social Security, SSDI, survivors and SSI beneficiaries in 2022.This is in reference to the COLA, otherwise known as the cost of living adjustment for all of these monthly beneficiaries of Social Security retirement, Social Security disability, Social Security Survivors, SSI Beneficiaries. This is an annual adjustment to benefits as a result of the cost of living adjustment to help out all of these beneficiaries adjust for the cost of living. The new preliminary number is discussed in this video and what it would look like to benefits going forward. The cost of living adjustment or call her for 2022 is going to be big as we know that inflation is running hot right now.This video is for those people receiving Social Security, SSDI, SSI BenefitsPlease make sure to subscribe and share this video with your friends, family, social media and check out any of the other videos here on the channel#StimulusCheck #StimulusUpdate #StimulusPackage #FourthStimulusCheck #Stimulus #StimulusCheckUpdate #SSDI #SSI #SocialSecurity Join this channel to get access to perks: $30 here: Stocks Here: Amazon Here: in this video is complements of:Diamond Eyes - Stars***Disclaimer*** All the material in this video is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial, legal, accounting, investment advice, or advice in any way. Links shown above are affiliate links which will result in the creator receiving a small commission upon the use/registration of the link provided.

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$200 Monthly Update - Social Security, SSI, VA - Infrastructure Package?#ssi #ssdi #socialsecuritySocial Security retirement, Social Security disability, supplemental security income, and veteran affairs beneficiaries going forward into 2021. It has been proposed that Social Security beneficiaries get a $200 per month raise going forward into 2021, this includes SSA, SSDI, SSI, and VA beneficiaries. ssi, ssdi, social security, ssa, SSI benefit, SSDI benefit, Social Security benefit, Ssa benefit, Va benefit, Social security retirement, Social Security disability, Ss benefit, Social security increase, Social security raise, SSI raise, SSI increase, 200 social security raise, Social security 2021, SSI 2021, $200 SSI raise, $200 social security increase, $200 social security raise 2021, $200 raise, $200 increase,$200 SSI increase, stimulus, Checks, stimulus check, investing, stock market, stocks for beginners, money, third stimulus check, third stimulus check update, unemployment update, stimulus checks, fourth stimulus check, stimulus check update jimmy, robinhood, update on third stimulus check, fourth stimulus checks, fourth stimulus, stimulus check update today, student loan forgiveness, ssi ssdi increase, Child credit, child stimulus, child tax credit, student loan cancellations

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