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How Can An Insurance Company (that earns 5%) Afford To Credit You 8% On Your IUL Policy [Video]

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How Can An Insurance Company (that earns 5%) Afford To Credit You 8% On Your IUL Policy

Is it possible to generate a tax-free income? In this video, I am going to explain how can an insurance company that is earning 5% on their general account portfolio, afford to credit you 8% on your IUL and then allow you to take a 10% payout during retirement, without depleting your principal.

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Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:25 What Is Authentic Wealth
02:29 Why An IUL Policy Is A Dream Solution
03:24 What Are The 3 Tax Citations And Why Adhere
04:00 Why Do People Set Up IUL Policy
05:33 How Insurance Companies Manage Their Finances
06:26 Why Do Banks Take A Percentage Of Your Money To An Insurance Company
07:17 How Were General Account Portfolios During the 1980s To 1990s
07:56 What Is A General Account Portfolio Rate
08:31 What Happens To The Indexes Of Your Choice
08:57 What Is Indexing
09:31 How Much Does An Insurance Company Can Earn And Can Pay You
10:08 Why Should You Buy Upside Options
11:09 How Can Insurance Company Afford To Pay You
11:31 What Is An Indexed Loan
12:08 How Beneficial Is Borrowing 100% Money In A Year
13:24 How Can Insurance Company Afford To Pay You 8
14:30 What Can You Do From Then On
15:13 What To Do Before Meeting An IUL Specialist

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