Helpful programs for potential home buyers in Florida [Video]

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People hoping to buy a home in the current real estate market can look to programs, professional expertise in strategizing for successful bids

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There’s simply no sugarcoating the current market for those looking to buy a home. 

“It definitely is riskier for people right now, and I know that a lot of buyers are getting frustrated,” senior mortgage loan officer Tanis Anderson told First Coast News.

That, she said, is especially true for buyers with limited funds for a down payment or who have less-than-stellar credit histories. 

However, she stressed that programs and strategies are available. It’s just that buyers need to be as nimble as ever. 

“It really comes down to mitigating risk, from a seller’s perspective,” Anderson said. 

The game plans are many, and in some cases, hopeful homebuyers combine strategies. 

“Offers that are winning, we’re seeing larger earnest funds and making them non-refundable," Anderson …


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