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GovChat: ‘Facebook wants control of South Africans’ data and how it is used’ [Video]

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GovChat's been granted interim relief against removal from Whatsapp. Facebook's strategy is not new says GovChat's Eldrin Jordaan.

Local tech start-up GovChat has been granted interim relief by the Competition Tribunal against WhatsApp and Facebook, stopping its removal from the WhatsApp platform for a period of six months.

GovChat allows citizens to access a variety of South Africa's government services through its WhatsApp Business profile.

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WhatsApp and its parent company claim that GovChat is violating its terms of service.

In turn, GovChat says Facebook wants to deal directly with the government to offer similar services itself.

Saskia Falken gets the lowdown from GovChat CEO Eldrin Jordaan.

Journalists who were present at the GovChat launch in 2017 are asking questions about this development because they just don't understand it, he says.

What WhatsApp is now saying, first of all, is …

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