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Gold & Silver Will Soon Be Unleashed Silver Doctors [Video]

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Gold and silver are the ultimate anti-debt and anti-fiat assets, and we are nearing another more powerful leg-up in the precious metals…

Francis Hunt on Palisades Gold Radio

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Tom welcomes a fascinating new guest to the show, Francis Hunt “The Market Sniper.”

Francis discusses how gold is acting as the bellwether for the collapsing global economy. Gold and silver will soon be unleashed, not unlike the recent major moves in palladium and rhodium. A lot is happening behind the scenes that will affect precious metals, and he looks closely at the macro picture surrounding the markets and bonds.

Paul Volker was able to bring inflation under control during the early 80s. Since then, yields have steadily stair-stepped down, and we’re effectively below zero today. Every time they create money, they make additional debt, and now we have a mega-debt bubble. The market …