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FRIDAY FLAVOR: The history behind the ‘Norfolk Dog’ [Video]

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Hampton Roads has a history with one hot dog that dates back to the early 1930s. However, there was a scare that the life of the 'Norfolk Dog' would be short-lived.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — In 1937, Southern Packing Corporation opened in Downtown Norfolk near what is now Harbor Park. Back then, this family-owned business was a full-on slaughterhouse supplying meats to locals across Hampton Roads.

While it's still family-owned today, things are different four generations later. 

"We stopped the slaughtering and now we are a full-service retail company, and then we provide our retail stores for customers that come of the street as well," explains Todd Goldman, the current owner, and great-grandson of the original owner.

Southern Packing Corp. is currently located in Chesapeake, sitting almost on the North Carolina line. But, stepping inside, it's still a simple, family feel. They serve and sell various meats and cuts to businesses and wholesale if you'd like to stop …