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Foot Doctor Explains Why The Jordan 1 Soaked Michael Jordans Foot In Blood [Video]

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Foot Doctor Explains Why The Jordan 1 Soaked Michael Jordans Foot In Blood

Michael Jordan famously said in The Last Dance that in his last game at Madison Square Garden when he wore his Jordan 1 after playing in the Jordan 13 all year that the Jordan 1 soaked his foot in blood and that his feet were killing him – but why after wearing the Jordan 1 for so long did they rip his feet up so bad years later?

In this video ill explain from my perspective as a doctor, what Michael Jordan was dealing with with his feet and also what the Jordan 1 and Jordan 13 shoes had to do with it

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Video Intro
00:55 Jordan 1 cut in half
01:26 Jordan 13 cut in half
01:57 Jordan 13 outsole design inspiration
02:11 How the Jordan 13 stabilizes the foot
02:34 Speed Tests of the Jordan 1 and 13
04:44 Jump height comparison
06:00 Why the Jordan 1 soaked Michael Jordans foot in blood
07:38 Are the Jordan 1 ‘s dangerous to play basketball in
08:40 Jordan 1 and Jordan 13 side by side comparison

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