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Family-owned Coney Island has been serving up dogs in Kalamazoo since 1915 [Video]

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KALAMAZOO, MI — Baseball is back and fans are being welcomed inside Comerica Park this summer, but you don’t have to drive all the way to Detroit if you are itching for a Coney dog.

Around since 1915, Kalamazoo’s family-run Coney Island, located at 226 E. Michigan Ave., has been serving up Coneys, Chicago dogs, New York dogs and plain old hot dogs for more than a century — longer than any other Coney Island in the state, they say.

Known for the chili that goes on their Coney dogs, the business has been in the Adams family since Frank Adams bought it from the original owner in 1932. Frank worked until he was 94, and then passed the business on to his son, William Adams. At 82, William is ready to pass it on to one of his sons.

Michael Adams, 41, will assume ownership of the business sometime …