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Estate Planning Attorney and Tax Wealth Inc (Zoom Meeting 7/21/21) [Video]

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Estate Planning Attorney and Tax Wealth Inc (Zoom Meeting 7/21/21)

As your trusted Real Estate professionals, we like to keep you up to date on the Real Estate market as well as offering information that can benefit you. With sincere appreciation for your business, loyalty and referrals, we have arranged for our top local business owners to present some valuable information to you.

How to Keep the Family Love Flowin’ After Your Death

Brooks Travis, attorney at law practice emphasizes Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts), Charitable Giving, Special Needs Planning, Asset Protection, Probate Law, Trust Administration and Business Formation and Buy-Sell Strategies.

Brooks is a member of the Wealth Counsel and Elder Counsel. Memberships to these organizations are very exclusive and provide educational resources for members which are unavailable anywhere else in the legal profession. The Wealth Counsel only selects attorneys who are of the highest morale character. Topics for discussion include:

Biden Administration proposed taxes effecting gifting your property to your children after death (Death Taxes and proposed Capital Gains Tax changes)

Prop 19 and how it really works (how property taxes were adversely affected by this 2020 Proposition)

How to protect the asset your children inherit from you after your death from divorce, lawsuits and death taxes

How to make sure that the decisions you make in doing (or not doing) your estate plan do not negatively affect the relationships that your children have with each other or with your surviving spouse upon your passing

Brooks Travis, MBA, JD Attorney at Law

Using the Tax Code to Your Advantage

Bruce Jones, with 51 years of experience in the financial services industry, is Founder and CEO of TaxWealth Inc, a tax analysis and solutions research company which identifies comprehensive tax planning solutions for owners of Real Estate, privately-owned businesses and other appreciated assets. He will share newly enacted laws that can assist you to leverage the tax code to proactively minimize your tax burden. Topics for discussion will include:

Proposed Tax Law changes and the invisible tax that affects every taxpayer

Finding more dollars to invest from a most surprising source-your own investment properties (without refinancing)

How to defer and even eliminate capital gains taxes when selling Real Estate and other capital assets

Paying the Capital Gains Taxes on “post-sale” transactions with NO out-of-pocket monies by the seller

Bruce Jones, President/CEO

A BIG thank you to Brooks Travis and Bruce Jones for an excellent presentation!!! If you were not able to join us, please watch this recording at your convenience. Please feel free to contact Brooks or Bruce to answer any questions you may have regarding Estate Planning, Proposition 19, Tax strategies, Biden’s proposed tax changes, etc…

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