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Episode #399: The 5 Bottlenecks for Dentists in, with Dr. Christian CoachmanDigital Smile Design [Video]

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Episode #399: The 5 Bottlenecks for Dentists in, with Dr. Christian CoachmanDigital Smile Design

Before you buy great equipment, you need to build great systems. And to help you achieve that, Kirk Behrendt brings in Dr. Christian Coachman, founder and CEO of Digital Smile Design, to give you solutions to five bottlenecks in digital smile design that is holding you back. Just having a scanner won’t make you a digital dentist! If you don’t know how to use it, or don’t have a system in place for it, your fancy equipment will gather dust in the corner. For the best advice on improving patient care through digital technology, listen to Episode 399 of The Best Practices Show!

Main Takeaways:
Create and implement great systems.
Have a vision for you and your team.
Learn how to prioritize processes.
Understand the importance of human resources.
Be disciplined in sticking to your routine.
Overcome the “gray zone.”

0:00 Introduction.
2:59 Dr. Coachman’s background.
7:35 Dr. Coachman’s “why” around dentistry.
10:26 The bottleneck for dentists in digital smile design.
15:07 Bottleneck 1) Lack of systems.
17:00 Why you need systems.
19:02 Documenting systems.
20:25 How to put systems in place.
21:45 Bottleneck 2) Lack of vision.
24:14 Sharing your vision with your team.
27:12 Bottleneck 3) Prioritization.
29:40 Determining your most important priority.
33:07 Bottleneck 4) Handling human resources.
35:10 Lessons learned.
37:53 Hiring challenges and trends across the globe.
41:51 We need people more than ever.
43:41 Now is the greatest time to be a dentist.
46:14 Bottleneck 5) Discipline for routine.
47:03 The “gray zone,” and how to overcome it.
50:06 Strategies for sticking to routines.
52:01 Momentum: the end of the gray zone.
54:01 The future of dentistry.
57:36 Last thoughts on the bottlenecks for dentists.
59:14 How to get involved with DSD Residency.
1:01:30 Digital Smile Design website information.

Reach Out to Dr. Coachman:
Dr. Coachman’s Facebook:
Dr. Coachman’s social media: @chriscoachman

Digital Smile Design website:

Dr. Christian Coachman Bio:
Combining his advanced skills, experience, and technology solutions, Dr. Christian Coachman pioneered the Digital Smile Design methodology and founded Digital Smile Design company (DSD). Since its inception, thousands of dentists worldwide have attended DSD courses and workshops, such as the renowned DSD Residency program.
Dr. Coachman is the developer of worldwide, well-known concepts such as the Digital Smile Design, the Pink Hybrid Implant Restoration, the Digital Planning Center, Emotional Dentistry, Interdisciplinary Treatment Simulation, and Digital Smile Donator.
He regularly consults for dental industry companies, developing products, implementing concepts, and marketing strategies, such as the Facially Driven Digital Orthodontic Workflow developed in collaboration with Invisalign, Align Technology.
He has lectured and published internationally in the fields of esthetic and digital dentistry, dental photography, oral rehabilitation, dental ceramics, implants, and communication strategies and marketing in dentistry.

Financial Planning For Doctors

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Financial Planning For Doctors

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