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Ep 033: No Holds Barred Marketing [Video]

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Ep 033: No Holds Barred Marketing

Ginger Bratzel

Financial Flossing: Guiding Dental Professionals to a Brighter Future with Ross Brannon

Episode 033: No Holds Barred Marketing

Dr. Ginger Bratzel is the founder and creator of Rio Grande DATP LLC. Ginger started her professional career as a dentist where she developed systems and strategies to increase patient and client attraction to create business growth. From Ginger’s own success, soon health care providers and other service providers from around the country were asking her to work with them in their businesses, too, And she quickly began coaching private clients on how to do it, as well. Ginger was invited to consult and be the lead coach for one of the largest healthcare marketing companies in the nation to their top-level clients teaching them her proven step-by-step program to show owners exactly how to attract more of the right kind of patients, clients, and customers. Ginger is known for her “no holds barred and shoot straight from the hip” approach to business growth as well as getting and keeping clients.

Listen to this information-packed Financial Flossing episode, where Ben and Pasha tell us everything we need to know about managing finances as aesthetic dentists.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

How Ginger’s first experience in owning a dental practice gave her the skill set needed to found Rio Grande DATP

How Ginger learned how to maximize her marketing efficiency as a dentist

The services that Ginger provides her clients, the promises she makes them, and the questions she asks them

The mindset change that Ginger helps her clients make when it comes to marketing

Ginger’s three pillars of marketing

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