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Doug Andrew Laser Fund Review | Chapter 7 Life Insurance Revolution [Video]

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Doug Andrew Laser Fund Review | Chapter 7 Life Insurance Revolution

Doug Andrew Laser Fund Review | Chapter 7 Life Insurance Revolution
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0:00 – Introduction to Doug Andrew Laser Fund Review
1:30 – Insurance Companies Are Masters At Managing Risk
3:20 – Insurance Companies Are Better Than Banks
4:50 – A history of Universal Life Insurance
7:00 – Read The Universal Life Illustration
8:30 – UL’s in the 80’s FAILED HORRIBLY and so will IUL’s
12:30 – Your Assumptions Are Key
13:30 – IUL’s are not good for older people if you want income
16:30 – When do IUL’s make sense?
20:20 – Tax impacts of life insurance
23:10 – Whole Life Insurance vs Indexed Universal Life Insurance
27:10 – IUL’s are more flexible than whole life insurance
29:50 – The Laser Fund is NOT a strong foundation
31:00 – Summary of Doug Andrew Laser Fund Chapter 7


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Doug Andrew Laser Fund Review | Chapter 7 Life Insurance Revolution

Business Owners

Business Growth, Consolidation & COVID: Multiples, Sector Trends & Future Expectations [Video]

Whatever your vision is for your business, it is dependent on your business abilities to succeed through transitions – which is fundamentally the definition of succession planning. COVID 19, Supply Chain Issues, Talent Shortages, Consolidation, and Acquisitions are all examples of Transitions. So essentially, any change to our norm; represents a transition, which brings us to GROWTH because growth takes a strategy and creates changes to your norm.How do you grow your business even when things like consolidation and COVID seem to create challenges? When we lean in to change, we are presented with opportunities that might otherwise look like obstacles. Regardless of the industry sector, your business is in, you have had to change to meet the new demands of your environment and customers/clients.In this episode, we are celebrating how challenges like COVID and consolidation can provide growth opportunities. Listen to this discussion with Dan Gavin with Bernstein Private Wealth Management, Michael Rosendahl with PCE Investment Banking, and our own succession planner, Loyd Rawls, to hear how to turn obstacles into opportunities.Business ownership by nature is risky; succession planning however creates strategies and structure to put you in control. In an ever world of change – business value, growth, and sustainability all depend upon the freedom of choice when the opportunity arises. The right amount of capital, the right people to lead, and the best business strategies to take action. Flexibility is a luxury. We are ready to go on this journey with you. Give us a call and in 30 minutes we will help you find clarity on your next steps. 407.578.4455. #successionplanning, #successionmatrix, #familybusiness Music provided by: https://www.bensound.comFOR EACH EPISODE ON THE WEBSITE:1. Add to the bullet points the remainder of episodes and link2. Create custom redirect in SFDC

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