Dogecoin Price Crash Sparks Meme Flood From Angry, Hopeful Investors: Here Are the Best Reactions [Video]

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With the current crash the cryptocurrency market is experiencing, Dogecoin investors couldn't help but express their thoughts through memes. After all, what better way to do it for the so-called "meme coin," right?

These last few months with Dogecoin has been a rollercoaster ride for investors. What started out as an internet joke easily spiked up to $10 billion market value in May. Unfortunately, the Dogecoin cryptocurrency took a crash in market value, currently priced at $0.22.

Needless to say, Investors are extremely frustrated. To release some of their tension, social media is flooded with #CryptoCrash and #BuyTheDip meme posts. Here are some of the best memes you can find!

Dogecoin Price Crash: Meme Flood From Angry, Hopeful Investors

Good ol' Mr. Bean is always relatable. Crypto investors are in for a long (long) wait for the market to recover.

#cryptocrash #dogecoin Crypto investors waiting for the market to recover be like :

— Roni Patel (@yesiamronnie) June …


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