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Doctor Pay: RVUs Determine Income [Video]

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Doctor Pay: RVUs Determine Income

Doctor Pay is Largely Based on Work RVUs (wRVUs), which Stands for Relative Value Units.

wRVUs Are Captured by Billing CPT Codes.

A 20-Min New Patient Office Visit is 0.93 wRVUs
A Colonoscopy with Biopsy is 3.56 wRVUs.

A Gastroentrologist in the Top 75th Percentile of RVUs Will Bill 10,500 wRVUs per Year and Earn Approximately $712,000.

Doctor Specialties Ranked by Annual wRVUs:
1. Cardiothoracic Surgeons: 9,822
2. Neurosurgeons: 9,333
3. Radiologists: 8,862
4. Ophthalmologists: 8,438
5. Orthopedic Surgeons: 8,009
And Waaaaaay Down the List…
Primary Care Physicians (PCPs): 4,900

However, Specialists and PCPs Work Approximately the SAME Number of Hours Per Week.

How Can PCP wRVUs Be So Much Lower If They Work the Same Number of Hours?

Answer: Most of the Care Coordination Work that PCPs Perform is Not Reimbursed by Commercial Insurance Carriers.

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Financial Planning For Doctors

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Financial Planning For Doctors

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Financial Planning For Doctors

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