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Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance [Top Benefits of Participating Insurance from a Mutual Company] [Video]

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Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance [Top Benefits of Participating Insurance from a Mutual Company]

Dividend paying whole life insurance is a specific type of participating life insurance offered by a mutual whole life insurance company. See

A mutual company is one owned by policyholders. A stock company is owned by investors. As a mutual company, the company is focused on maximizing value for policyholders. Whereas, with a stock company, the focus is on maximizing shareholder value.

Dividends equal a return of premium. By taking that dividend and reinvesting it into the whole life policy, we will see a compounding effect on your cash value growth every single year. See

The top mutual insurance companies in the U.S. have paid dividends for over 100 years. By taking you dividend and purchasing paid up additions, you grow both your cash value account and your death benefit.

What makes these dividend paying whole life insurance policies truly effective is when you put them to use through the strategy of infinite banking, combined with investing in certain asset classes such as real estate. See

Mutual Company Advantages and Benefits Include:
1. Participating in the Company’s Success
2. Annual Dividend Payments
3. Tax Advantaged Growth
4. Tax Advantaged/ Tax Free Use of Money Via Loans
5. Collateral via the death benefit and cash value
6. Death Benefit

A strategically designed dividend paying whole life insurance policy is with the right company and set up properly from day one, as well as funded properly with paid-up additions.

Many of the largest, most successful businesses, such as MacDonald’s, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Nike, Chase, etc. purchase cash value life insurance for the guarantees, access to liquid cash, tax benefits, and more.

MassMutual and Penn Mutual are two of the strongest companies offering dividend paying whole life insurance.

Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance is an asset, providing:
Cash Flow

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