Demographic Housing Crash: Baby Boomers & Millennials hurting US Real Estate [Video]

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The 2021 Housing Bubble is the biggest in US history. Home buyers and real estate investors are priced out of the market. The problem? Demographics indicate that this Housing Bubble will become a Housing Crash very soon. The cause? Baby Boomers and Seniors.

2020 was the first year in US history when the construction of new homes and apartments exceeded population growth. Why did this occur? Because America is getting older. Births are dropping to record lows each new year while deaths are hitting record highs. This means that the US has entered a secular growth decline that will be impossible to escape from.

As a result of these shifts, Baby Boomers and Seniors account for an increasing share of Households and Homeownership in America. Back in 2005 the 55+ age demographic accounted for 40% of homeownership. Today it’s over 55%! The growth in senior home demand has come with …