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Create Your Own Economic Stimulus [Video]

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Create Your Own Economic Stimulus

Are you wondering if you’re able to create your own economic stimulus? Then this episode is for you. It will alleviate your financial status and it will help you with your retirement savings.

To your abundance!
Doug Andrew

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:26 What Is The Lost Decade
04:04 How To Create Your Own Economic Stimulus
07:38 What Is The LASER Fund
10:06 What Is Going To Happen To The Economy
10:35 What Is Economic CPR

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Stimulus Spending Will Cause Double-Digit Inflation

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Nassau Re Growth Annuity Introduction [Video]

Please join Marcus Soller and Nassau's Jake Quagliaroli for an in-depth analysis of Nassau Re’s Growth Annuity. This product offers your clients the industry’s top accumulation model in the marketplace, with or without multiple income options; the choice is theirs. Great news: it became available for sale in California on Monday, Aug. 2.This product also features:• 10% free withdrawal• Up to 145% participation rates*• ROP - Death Benefit• Issue ages to 85• Nassau Elite Program• Nassau’s Top Producers trip to Key Largo*with a fee

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The stock market is fee ridden and extremely volatile. These high fees can erode away up to 1/3 of your retirement income. The stock market most recently has been described as "rigged" as reported by 60 Minutes. However, there is a better way to save and invest money. Call us to find out how, 435-429-1600, or visit

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