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COMEX Faces Staggering Delivery Requests on March Contracts Silver Doctors [Video]

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All signs indicate that the Gold and Silver Futures markets are coming under increasing stress as a delivery vehicle….

Samuel Briggs via Kinesis

Andrew Maguire and Craig Hemke, TFMetalsReport, break down the huge delivery requests on March COMEX contracts.

Watch this week’s Live from the Vault for:5:05​ How is gold and silver price determined?8:35​ The history of gold and silver price manipulation12:00​ How to stop corruption in the gold and silver market18:04​ Wall Street Silver VS paper market corruption19:05​ Unallocated gold and silver scam explained26:41​ Physical price VS paper price28:13​ Current physical demand pressure will push prices parabolic29:59​ Wall Street Silver movement piling pressure on the COMEX41:57​ Delivery requests soaring on the COMEX52:30​ COMEX on the run54:16​ Unprecedented physical silver demand

An inspection of the March Gold and Silver Futures delivery requests reveal unprecedented numbers for what is typically a sleepy month on the COMEX.

March Gold Contracts

Historically, the March contract presents …