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Cape Coral man admits to racists comments in heated argument with FedEx driver [Video]

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A Cape Coral business owner admits to making a racially charged comment during an argument with a FedEx driver who allegedly blocked a handicap spot.

This happened Monday in a shopping complex in the 1200 block of Cape Coral Parkway East in downtown.

According to David Fulkerson, the owner of Diamond Dave’s Creative Jewelry, a FedEx driver parked behind a handicap spot.

“It’s just irritating because I have disabled people in my family and that is one thing I just don’t take lightly and I do go after them,” said Fulkerson.

This has been going on for months with multiple different drivers, Fulkerson explained.

After he confronted the delivery man yesterday, Fulkerson said an argument started.

The business owner accused the FedEx employee of stating he was “white and privileged.”


According to a witness, Ivy Manzo, Fulkerson called the driver a “black a**,” while calling himself “white …

Business Owners

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Business Owners

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