Canadians are overestimating their future stock market returns. Plus, Rosenbergs top investment ideas, and is it time to sell RBC shares? [Video]

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The uniqueness of what we’ve seen from the stock markets since the March, 2020 crash cannot be overstated.

We saw a 33.8-per-cent total return from the S&P/TSX Composite Index for the 12 months to May 31; and a 38.9-per-cent gain from the S&P 500 and 42.6-per-cent gain for the Nasdaq 100, in Canadian dollars. Asked what they saw from their investments going forward, 300 Canadian investors recently said they expected returns averaging 11.2 per cent above inflation over the long term.

Inflation clocked in at 3.6 per cent in May, which means investors are looking at average annual all-in portfolio returns of 14.8 per cent. A four-word comment on this outlook: Not going to happen.

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The survey of investors was conducted on behalf of an international financial firm called Natixis Investment Managers. All had at least $100,000 in household investable assets, which suggests the potential for some familiarity with investing. …