Buying Your First MultiFamily Property – Savvy Investor [Video]

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Buying Your First MultiFamily Property – Savvy Investor

Buying Your First Multi-Family Property …..What Do I Need To know?

Have you been considering getting into multifamily investing but are feeling confused or scared about getting into this investment strategy? Don’t worry your not alone.

Buying an apartment building can feel scary but just like anything, if you take the time to educate yourself before jumping in that fear will go away.

Multi-family can be an amazing strategy as there are some many benefits when it’s done right like; great cashflow, lower vacancy rates, ability to get forced appreciation and easier to get financing. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all sunshine and roses as there can be risks as well which is why it’s important to educate yourself before considering this investment strategy.

To help our Savvy Investors learn more about this Multi Family investing, we will be doing a YouTube live to help go deep into this investment strategy. Michael will be sharing some tips and real-life experiences learned when he started buying apartment building 15 years ago.

Topics we will be going over in the training session:

1. Pro’s & Con’s of Multi -Family
2. Understanding Cap Rates and NOI
3. Tips To Effectively Analyze Apartments
4. How To Create Forced Appreciation
5. Pit Falls To Look Out For


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