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Blog: 3 Tips for Getting an Accurate Business Valuation [Video]

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If you’re conscientious about financial reporting, you may already have a sense of your company’s worth, but in some instances, you might need a formal business valuation, such as:

  • Certain transactions: Are you selling your business? Planning an IPO? Need financing?
  • Tax purposes: This includes estate planning, stock option distribution, and S Corporation conversions.
  • Litigation: Often needed in cases like bankruptcy, divorce, and damage determinations.

While there isn’t a single formula for valuing a business, there are generally accepted measures that will give you a valid assessment of your company’s worth. Here are three tips that you can use to give your business a more accurate valuation:

1. Take a Close Look at How Your Business Operates

Does it incorporate the most tax-efficient structure? Have sales been lagging, or are you selling most of your merchandise to only a few customers? If so, consider jump-starting your sales effort by bringing …

Long-Term Care Planning

The Art of Legacy Planning, Episode 2 – Build Back Better Update [Video]

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