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Black Adam Fan Art Reveals What Pierce Brosnan Would Look Like as Doctor Fate [Video]

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Yesterday brought the exciting news that former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan has been recruited to the DCEU and will take on the part of Justice Society member Doctor Fate for the upcoming Black Adam movie starring opposite Dwayne Johnson. The hype train immediately left the station as fans across the internet shared the excitement not only to have Brosnan join a superhero cast but to be playing a role that has previously not been seen on the big screen. It didn't take long for fan art featuring Brosnan in the role to pop up with Instagram user @nthnjohnson posting an edit of the actor as the hero.

Black Adam himself sounded off on the addition of Brosnan to the cast, writing on social media: "Such a pleasure to announce the Final member of our #JusticeSociety, Mr. Pierce Brosnan as the iconic and all knowing, DR. FATE. I am grateful to have such a talented, diverse …