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Aviation Startups & Side Hustles [Video]

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We talk with many aviation professionals who are interested creating a startup or side hustle.

And sometimes these folks end up with successful businesses become some of our very best customers – so we have a vested interest in helping you succeed.

There’s an old saying about starting a business- “Find a need, and fill it!”  The classic marketing textbook tells us it’s all about supply and demand – find a huge demand for a product or service that doesn’t have a  great local supply, and jump in!

Of course there’s a lot more to it than this, but everything starts with an idea.

Here are 52 ideas for startups or side hustles.   You probably have others – leave your favorites in the comments!

  1. Aerial photography/inspection
  2. Aircraft washing/detail service
  3. Airport based restaurant
  4. Airport Bird/wildlife management
  5. Airport consultant
  6. Airport equipment broker
  7. Airport laundry/dry cleaning service
  8. Airport procedures trainer
  9. Airport snow/ice removal
  10. App developer
  11. Area guide/expert
  12. Attorney
  13. Banner service
  14. Blogger

Business Owners

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