Retirement Planning

ATTITUDE portfolios [Video]

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One of the most sophisticated life cycle solutions in Canada

A well-diversified pre-built investment solution managed by experts

The ATTITUDE portfolios are designed to help plan members achieve financial security. They evolve alongside with life stages, from the moment they start investing in one of the portfolios, all the way through retirement.

They offer a diversified investment strategy for plan members interested in a simple but sophisticated, intuitive and easy-to-understand retirement savings solution.

ATTITUDE portfolios advantages

An easy-to-use investment option

Plan members have two simple questions to answer when choosing their portfolio. Investment professionals are then working on their behalf to manage their portfolio.

Smart solution

Each portfolio automatically evolves according to the plan member's target retirement period and risk tolerance, which eliminates the need by the plan member to actively manage their investments.

High performance

The solution offers a maximized return potential thanks to an optimal allocation by asset class, including direct alternative investments, allowing for greater diversification while mitigating the impact of market …

Retirement Planning

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Retirement Planning

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