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Affordable Life, Health & Medicare Insurance | How to Shop Life Insurance | Final Expense [burial] [Video]

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Affordable Life, Health & Medicare Insurance | How to Shop Life Insurance | Final Expense [burial]

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Life insurance plays a different role during every stage of life. Younger adults who purchase life insurance typically have children to financially support. For seniors, however, life insurance has a different purpose. Seniors often wish to plan for costs such as covering funeral expenses, equity protection, financial obligations, etc. An average funeral costs upward of $12,000; life insurance is a good way to ensure that this financial burden doesn’t fall on your loved ones.

Life insurance gets more expensive as you age. Even still, life insurance for seniors might cost less than you think. Most of the policies for seniors fall into the permanent life insurance category, and these policies do not expire as long as premiums are paid.

Health and age play a huge role in cost and coverage. Helping clients find a plan that fits their budget and health needs is our goal.

Please click the link to shop for the best coverage and see what you can afford and qualify for. ‘The Time Is Now’ To Get Affordable Life and Medicare Insurance. Click the link.

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$50,000 Small Business Grant For Black Business Owners (2022) [Video]

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NEW $48B RRF Small Business Grants in the works ( Late night Update ) [Video]

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