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20 Cheap Landscaping Fixes That Look Expensive [Video]

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Add a Small Water Feature

With minimal materials and effort, you can build this beautiful artesian fountain in just two days. And—bonus!—once it’s built, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Here’s how to build it yourself.

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Roll in a Boulder

Boulders are eye-catching and provide a natural location for adding grasses, flowers and other garden plants. You’ll find huge piles of boulders to pick through anywhere that sells landscaping supplies. Prices vary with size, less for breadbox-size ones and more for giant boulders that you’ll have to have delivered and placed. Whatever sizes you choose, nest the boulders into the ground a bit. They should look like they were left from a receding glacier—not like they were just rolled off the back of a pickup!

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Luke Miller

Grow Self-Seeding Flowers

Self-seeding flowers, like the hollyhocks seen here, are a real money saver for the home gardener. Buy a …

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